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Moving to New York City

There is no question that moving to New York City is a good decision, and there’s lots of different reasons why. You will need to make sure to do your research before moving here so you are fully prepared for this city and everything it has to offer. The Big Apple as it’s called is a huge metropolis with well over a million people, but it can still feel like a small city sometimes.

The Night Life


New York City has quite an impressive night life that you will absolutely love. There are so many different night clubs and bars with unique themes that you simply won’t be able to get enough. Anyone who loves the night life will definitely find that this is a truly great place to be.

The Art Scene

Stuff is happening here, man. No where on Earth (probably) is there more culture and art happening in a concentrated area. This city has it all, and there is something for everyone at any time of day in any part of town. Check out the galleries in SoHo or neighboring Chinatown for what the newer artists are currently creating.


Many native city-dwellers don’t dwell in the city at all. They work there; they play there; they spend most of their brilliant time and energy there, but at the end of the day they (eventually) make it back to Brooklyn. There’s something happening in this borough. Perhaps it’s the influx of young, semi-starving artists who could be the next whatever, mixed with its storied history, but people are moving to the area in droves, and you don’t want to be left out, do you?