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Moving to Vermont

When you take the time to learn about all of the different reasons for moving to Vermont, it’s not difficult to see why so many people are doing it these days. The more time you take to learn about this state, the more convinced you will be that it really is the right decision.

The Fall Season is Incredible


The mild autumn weather is certainly one of the best reasons for moving to Vermont, but the breathtaking colors of the foliage is even more impressive and amazing. You will definitely find yourself taking the long way home in the fall because of how beautiful the trees are everywhere you look.

Minimal Pollution

Another thing that many people in Vermont love is the fact that it doesn’t have as much pollution as many other places in the U.S. There simply aren’t as many factories pumping out pollution, and as a result the overall environment is far better.

Neighbors who Care

When you move to Vermont, you will more than likely find that your neigbhors are friendly and caring people. This state is definitely known for its welcoming denizens who will always be there to give you a hand when you need it. Those who are coming to Vermont from a big city might be pleasantly surprised at just how hospitals Vermont residents are.

Town Pride

The people in Vermont’s towns have great pride in where they live. There is a very distinct and overt sense of community in even the smallest towns throughout this state. You shouldn’t be surprised at all if the town you move to has numerous festivals and parades each year to celebrate where they live.